Message of Chairman of The Board 

Message of Chairman of the Board 

With an experienced workforce and team of specialists and with complete observance of technical and qualitative principles pursuant to ISO standards 9001:2008 as well as utilization of accepted management methods and procedures for projects to better improve and push forward our beloved country in the direction of progress and advancement, Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company is actively engaged in implementation of steel structures for huge building projects whilst following and conforming to technical, qualitative and economic basis. Accordingly, this company considers itself committed to the following principles and policies:

  • Conducting all-out efforts to gain customers’ trust and increase their level of satisfaction through constant promotion of quality and carrying out manufacturing processes based on specified and timely schedules
  • Promoting the position of the company in implementation of heavy steel structures, particularly in the domain of construction of high-rise structures and buildings on both domestic and international scales with full emphasis on reduction of execution time and cost over-runs
  • Applying appropriate resources, machinery and equipment in order to raise production levels and increase customer satisfaction
  • Absolute commitment to personnel health and reduction of accidents through complete observance of safety rules and regulations
  • Conducting all-out efforts to identify, carry out, control and measure processes as well as determining and reviewing proper organizational goals and objectives and affecting continuous improvements in the quality management system
  • Raising the skill level of the workforce through application of suitable training programs
  • Promoting and propagating the quality culture and full participation of company personnel
  • Applying an integrated management system and novel data technologies in order to improve organizational processes

Since the success of the company based on the above items completely depends on efforts and participation of all esteemed colleagues in establishing correct procedures for proper preservation and maintenance of systems and quality standards and consequent continuous improvement of entire range of activities, it is expected that all colleagues have a thorough understanding of the articles of the policy set out herewith and are totally committed in carrying them out to the fullest possible extent and grant their cooperation in monitoring and reporting them.
I will also monitor and review the efficiency and effectiveness of company policies and the quality management system at specific intervals.

Araz Zourchang – Chairman of The Board